When it comes to gift-giving holidays, I take the opportunity to purchase items for the girls that they will need in the near future. Items that aren’t too themed and can be enjoyed long after the holiday has passed. I try not to purchase items that will just be used for a moment and then take up space in the closet the next 364 days of the year. That being the case, I chose not to purchase them an Easter basket this year. Instead we are going to use two of the many baskets we already have. If there were any baskets that we needed for work display, I would have taken the opportunity to purchase them as “Easter baskets”, or rather used that as a guise, haha.

I found these eco friendly, non-toxic and BPA-free eggs. I didn’t give hubby enough time to make wooden eggs and I wanted something that was safe to put some treats in. I plan on reusing these later for a DIY version of Montessori sound boxes. Then they’ll be happily used for years to come.

E and V each are getting a bee long-sleeved onesie. V just adores bees and they seem rather spring-ish.

I found this adorable chicken pull-toy. The hen has three little wagons that follow, two are removable and all three have an egg. When being pulled, the eggs rotate. It’s absolutely adorable!


We were able to find realistic looking farm animal magnets. They really enjoy going over animal sounds and, shortly, they will begin to enjoy magnets. I plan on making them a DIY magnetic farm for when we go on trips, so these will be perfect. There’s also a zoo animal version that I’m saving for another holiday.

They are receiving a few Schleich animals. A pig and a wrapped rooster and sheep from the farm set. Slowly building up their collection.

Realistic looking sea turtle and horseshoe crab from short-lived trip to Florida when we visited Mote Marine Laboratory.

They each are receiving a few books, as we read a lot:

-“If You’re Happy Happy and You Know It!”  Board book.  We really enjoy sing along books.  “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” is a current favourite at the moment.

Mini Master boxed set.  Matisse is probably my favourite artist and I’m so excited to begin sharing his work with them.  Degas’ work has been in a few books we have borrowed from the library, so I know they’ll enjoy their own book of his art. 

-The classic children’s book about a bunny, “Marshmallow“, a gift from their aunt and perfect for Easter. 

-A book that goes into great detail about the chicken and egg that I purchased from our library for 25 cents.  

-“Animal Babies” was purchased from Target’s dollar section, but you can also find it here.  

Our normal traditions will probably not take place this year, or at least not to the extent that they normally do. The girls won’t know any different, but it’s still their first Easter, so I’d like to make it specially.

Are you needing to make adjustments to Easter traditions?

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