We receive a lot of questions about the girls’ bedroom and sleeping.  They share a room and, judging from their interactions together, they love it.    

One item that is generally found in a Montessori bedroom is a floor-bed.  Floor-beds can be a little controversial, and one must always do what is best for their family.  My previous experience with them was lovely.  When Ty was younger and I first came across Montessori, that was one of the first things I implemented.  It was just him, so I felt completely comfortable with using one with no alterations.  Currently, for the girls, we came to a middle ground.  We have floor beds (Newton mattresses as they are completely washable and the safest option for stomach sleepers) although, admittedly, they aren’t completely open to roam, yet.  

Preferably, I would’ve had their floor-beds open from the start.  Then the ability to roam will not be “new and fun” but, rather something they are used to.  With a singleton, like Ty, that’s exactly what we would do.  But with twins sharing a room, sometimes you do things a little differently for safety.  We could give them separate bedrooms, with open floor-beds and all, but I can’t imagine separating them.

Hubby and I agreed that once they are able to crawl, the rails will come down.  Currently, they roll over each other and are not always able to free themselves, causing feelings and potential injuries.  Once they are crawling, they should have better movement and strength, hopefully, preventing such predicaments.  In the meantime, their room is safe and ready for young explorers. 

Prior to their beds, we used an Arm’s Reach Co-sleep bassinet.  This particular bassinet was large enough for both of them and connected to my side of the bed with a collapsable side, allowing me to quickly care for them with ease. The side walls also allowed them to view their environment.  When they outgrew that, and while Hubby was building their beds, they slept in their UPPAbaby bassinet that came with their stroller (we used the Henry model, same as their carseats, as it uses wool as a natural fire retardant).     

We use two different cameras, the Wyze (the same we use in our sitting-room for peace of mind when staying with their Grammies and great-aunt) and the Infant Optics camera.  The Infant Optics does not use wifi, so it cannot be hacked.  We have their cameras on a shelf, high out of reach, along with their rainbow necklaces, a crystal, their great-grandpa’s teddy bear, and, most importantly, their Hatch white noise machine/night-light.  This shelf is one of only two units that are not on their level.  The other being one of the bookshelves (actually a spice rack from Ikea ) where I keep a few books that I read to them.  There is another shelf/spice rack for their books that they access as they wish.  The shelves are staggered, with the second high enough that it can’t be used to hang from, to prevent injury. 

They have another Ikea shelving unit with a few items that are not stimulating, as to not prevent sleep. There are two photos hanging just above this shelf, at their level, so that they may enjoy them. I purchased them five months before they were born at an art event we visit every year. They bring up so many sweet memories every time I see them.  Their Montessori pull-up bar is in their bedroom along with an acrylic mirror, just because it was the only place we currently have adequate wall space. Although, we’d prefer for it to be out in the sitting-room, as that’s where we spend a majority of our time.

The outlets we are not using have flat outlet protectors. These outlet are our favourite temporary covers; we don’t worry about then being able to take these off as we can hardly do it, haha. While the outlets that are in use have covers that allow them to be used safely, as well as cord protectors.

Does your family use Montessori floor-beds?

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    1. Hubby made them. He looked into creating them for his Etsy shop but the shipping would be outrageous! He also had concerns about sharing plans just in case they weren’t followed 100%. Sprout has a new, very similar frame, that you may love. Use “french10” for a discount. I’ve also noticed some similar frames on Etsy, as well❤️

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