Awhile ago I came across another Montessori mother’s use of disposable wipe lids.  She used family photos and, while I loved her idea, the girls have laminated photos they already adore.  So I wanted to do something a little different, still using her great idea of the lid tops.

It took awhile to collect enough wipe tops, as we use cloth diapers and reserve the disposable wipes for, uh, the dirty jobs, haha.  We are currently only leaving the house for essentials, in order to flatten the curve.  Being that we have all we need and no need to leave anytime soon, I wanted to use items that I already had on hand.  So, I decided that a peekaboo board with textiles would be something that they would enjoy.

The girls have been really interested in watching dada’s woodworking.  So I decided to focus on textiles related to that.  Hubby provided me with a board he didn’t have a need for (the edges were smooth even thought hey appear otherwise) and coarse sandpaper.  I was able to located cardboard thanks to Amazon.

I was gently able to separate the wipe lid from the package and peel back a side of the cardboard to expose the ridges.  Using the inner part of the lid, I traced on the cardboard where to cut.  Due to the thickness, the cardboard needed to fit perfectly inside.  I did the same with the sandpaper, but made sure to cut a little wider to secure it under the lid (safe from little fingers that would try to peel it off).



Using hot glue, I secured the cardboard to the board.  I then hot glued the lid over top.  I repeated this process for the sandpaper.  I wanted smooth board and the board itself was perfect, so I just hot glued a lid.

After a bit, it was ready to introduce to the girls.  Needless to say, they enjoyed it.  Now to find the perfect location for it.


Do you enjoy DIY projects?

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