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It was time to introduce the 100 board to E and V (which you can find here). When I was looking for the ideal one I realized that the traditional 100 board wouldn’t really work for us, at least not at this moment.

There are some people, such as myself, who have challenges with dyspraxia (the body doesn’t always follow the brain’s instructions), dexterity in general, shaking/tremors, etc. Having a flat surface where you place tiles may be challenging as these tiles may be knocked or inadvertently moved around, which becomes extremely frustrating. So rather than a traditional 100 board I wanted something that accommodated our current need, which I was able to do with a raised 100 board.

I went with this material because it has two sides, flat and raised. This would accommodate all of our needs. Another thing that sets it apart from the traditional 100 board is the coloured tiles. These may be great for those who get overwhelmed with too much of an item and help break down the steps through the ability to categorize by colours. Once the colours are separated the child can then focus on one group of numbers at a time.

While the colours may be great and work for some, for others the colours may be overwhelming. If that’s the case, and a raised board is needed, I came across this material. You will notice that rather than being a 100 board, it’s a 120.

If your child needs more movement or gross movement, there’s this material. It’s large and you’ll need to make your own tiles, I’m thinking flashcards would work or even taped over the numbers to create a blank board, but it’s another option to accommodate needs.

There are so many ways that we can make accommodations for each child’s individual needs when practising Montessori, it’s not an either this or that as we are sometimes led to believe.

Would your child benefit from the raised 100 board or another alternative shared or does the traditional board work great for your family?

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