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I love being pregnant and am always thankful for the morning sickness and fatigue as I feel like it’s a reassurance that all is going well. That being said, I still need to survive while having two four-year-olds at home.

The most important thing is being honest and informing them why I’m not able to do as much as before. Before we were ready to disclose the reason why, I was still open that I wasn’t feeling 100%, just as there are times they don’t feel 100% and need some extra rest. Once we saw a heartbeat we then explained to E and V that they would be getting a little brother or sister. We talked about how that impacted me as well as the development of their little sibling.

Screen are a tool and I always have Mister Rogers as a backup, but I would prefer not to have E and V in front of a screen all day, as it would be purely for entertainment. Rather I try to find some non-screen options first.

-Vox books. We do a LOT of reading and have since birth. When I just don’t have the ability to read for a long time I will try to break it up into small sessions, this way they still get that time and consistency with me. We also have been renting Vox books from the library. These are books that read aloud and allow the child to follow along, providing a gentle noise to inform them when to turn the pages. While we currently don’t have one, I’ve heared great things about Yoto players and Toniebox. (Edit: I did get this for their ‘near mama’ basket for when baby L is born, but more about that in another post.)

Puzzles. E and V just recently became interested in puzzles. Thankfully I have a lot due to T’s love of puzzles. Right now they have been really enjoying 12 pieces, even though I think they aren’t as challenging, they have been repeating them. I’ll put out four puzzle piles around the table, as that’s where they prefer to do them and I can assess them easily, and then I swap them out for four others when interest is low.

-Show and share. I invite them to share items, info, and stories with me. This allows me to recline and just listen, which I love as they are so talkative. They also enjoy dancing a great deal and I get a front-row seat.

-Music. E and V love to dance. Putting in a classical CD, or playing their Jooki (Yoto players and Toniebox may also be used), I’ve been treated to many dance recitals by them while I lay on the couch able to just enjoy their creativity.

I’m thankful E and V still take a nap, or at least enjoy quiet time when not tired. I have been able to get naps in, somewhat, regularly as fatigue and morning sickness have been a little bit more challenging this time around.

What are your tips for surviving the first trimester with young children?

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