I was the first person to benefit from Amorette’s insight and encouraged her to share that with other parents who were in the same position as I was: wanting to understand their child to best support them. For a longtime, I didn’t think I would be able to assist my child because I’m not a professional. She helped me realize that I didn’t have to be a professional, that I help my child in so many ways and that I had already helped him learn so much; with the proper guidance I could continue to help him learn that much more. She explained that I assisted him in feeding himself; so why couldn’t I be the one to help him brush his own teeth? It took a bit of time as we figured out his triggers and sensors but he helps brush his own teeth now and that’s so far from how it was, no longer a daily struggle. Just having a better understanding of the way he thinks and perceives things has had an impact on how we do things at home and has led to a happier home for us all.    


I had been learning from Amorette about autism via her free content on Instagram for several months when she announced she would be offering one-on-one coaching sessions. Absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to virtually meet for individualized guidance, I booked a session and couldn’t have been more satisfied. I found her to be patient and gracious with me and my daughter, balancing our desires with her expertise. And her genuine care for us as a family was evident. Amorette went above and beyond to contact me after the session was over with additional ideas beyond those we discussed during our time together. Above all, I find her to be a compassionate advocate for helping parents to meet their children’s needs respectfully and with understanding. We will definitely be booking more sessions with her!


I see my children differently. I understand them better and see them through a different set of eyes. Prior therapies always pushed to make more appointments and for more time. After observing a few sessions I just couldn’t subject my children to anymore and sought out an alternative that allowed me to be more hands-on. That’s how I found Amorette.  Amorette never pushed appointments.  She’d actually recommend waiting for a while to see what works and what didn’t. I thought this a little odd at first but see now that it’s better for my children. It gives us time to slowly make adjustments and my children time to adjust at a pace that is right for them. Working with Amorette I really felt like my child’s well-being is the top priority, because it is.  She would also check in periodically to see if a recommendation was working well or to make a new recommendation. We’ve never experienced that before! If you’re looking for someone to truly help you understand and work with your child, I can’t recommend Amorette enough. I can’t thank her enough!


I tried everything! My husband and I followed all the books and read the blogs and talked to experts. All I wanted to be was a mother and I felt like I wasn’t able to do that properly, everything that I seemed to do was just not working.  I felt so lost because I just didn’t know what to do anymore. Our doctor recommended ABA, but after observing a session I just knew it wasn’t right for my son. After just two coaching sessions with Amorette I feel like we are in a much different place.  I feel like I’m a mother again and it’s such a great place to be.  And, she never made me feel bad about my feelings of frustration.  One thing that really stuck out was how to manage social situations and building confidence for me so that I could build it in my son, too.  I don’t want him to ever apologize for who he is, I want him to be proud.  


Thank you endless times 🙏🏻 I don’t know how I came across your account but it’s the best thing ever that happened to me! My 5 years old son is autistic and I was having the hardest time understanding him but since I started following you (and a bunch of other accounts that you share or follow) our lives have been waaaay easier 💚 Everything makes so much sense now and we’re having less meltdowns now that I can know what my son needs. Your posts are so real and raw, you are very kind, thank you again 🌼

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