I currently stay home with the girls; I have since birth.  While there are things that I do, my main job is mummy.  That being said, I didn’t think that we would be facing as much difficulties as someone who goes to an office everyday and have multiple school aged children.  I can’t imagine the complete disorder.  While our experience hasn’t been so dramatic, we are definitely seeing some difficulties and hiccups in our schedule.  

My husband is currently working from home.  If he needs coffee, he comes up from his downstairs office area to grab some.  This can cause a bit of a disruption for two 10 month-olds who beam ear-to-ear the moment he walks in the room.  It’s touching and lovely how much they adore their dada.  But, it causes them to stop everything that they are doing and lose complete interest; whether that be nursing, learning new work, reading, eating, crafts, anything and everything.  Once concentration is broken, it is almost impossible to bring them back to whatever they were previously focused on.  

We aren’t able to visit the library.  While they may not know the exact days we would normally go, they always seemed to enjoy our trip.  Picking out the books, being admired by the elders and library staff, checking out the aquarium with the fish and turtle, and viewing the indoor plants.  They enjoyed their library experience as a whole.  Now, that’s not an option.  We are also being cautious about our purchases, trying to stick to necessities, for many reasons.  So I’ve curbed my desire to order, other than for their Easter baskets, all the books off Amazon.  

Instead of mourning our previous schedule,  we are trying to adjust our weekly routine to better accommodate our new one.


  • Change
  • Nurse
  • Read (15-45 minutes)
  • Movement time for the girls, while I workout and clean.  Lately, they have been helping me with chores around the house, but they will often task themselves with work from their shelves.
  • Nurse

11-1 First nap.   While they nap, I work, write, or paint.


  • Lunch
  • Then our planned activity for the day:

Music Monday- Since birth, we have explored instrument and the sounds they make. (This is the set we have, but I really like this one, too.)  At the beginning, it was just me introducing the instruments and, gently, making noises.  It was all about exposure.  Now, I show them and they then play the instruments themselves.  They lead on how much time we spend doing this activity; they crawl to join and leave whenever they choose.  There have been days when they are finished after ten minutes and other times they spend well over an hour.  We recently have started finishing each music session with drums and a reading of the classic book, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.”       

Crafty Tuesday- This is something we started to do more recently.  They have shown an interest in watching me paint, so I thought it would be something they would enjoy doing themselves.  It has been a great opportunity to introduce different types of art media and another hands-on experience for them.  Since birth we would occasionally do an art project, generally hand or foot prints, to commemorate the holiday and to create a  keepsake of their growth.  Crafty Tuesday is more about putting together projects they can do with minimal help.  At this age, their crafts are better enjoyed when they are short and simple, at most, lasting half an hour.  As with the music, they are free to come and go as they please.      

Miscellaneous Wednesday- Wednesdays were when their Aunt Melly would visit.  With the current world situation, it has become a day for miscellaneous activities.  We mop and deep clean where needed.  (There are rags and a squeegee available to them and within their reach if they choose to join.)  If the weather cooperates, we will also spend time preparing the garden.


Baking Thursday- This is often when we get most of our baking done.  Lately, it’s been sourdough crackers.  Currently, I present the girls with some of the same items I’m using; such as measuring cups, spoons, bowels, rolling pin, and spatula.  I try to provide them with items that are sized perfectly for their use.  Once they are no longer mouthing items, I will provide them with part of the dough to roll out and cut on their own.  In time, they will be measuring, mixing, and rolling their own crackers.  V will generally spend the whole time in the kitchen with me.  E will spend bit of time, but will often retire to the sitting room to enjoy the prepared shelves.

Dancing Friday- Hubby currently has Fridays off, so the day isn’t as formal as it previously was, but that hasn’t interrupted our dancing.  Fully disclosure, we pretty much dance everyday, but Fridays we put on our favourite music and just bounce around.  

Saturday/Sunday- Family time. 

  • If the weather permits, we spend time outdoors until the girls are ready for their nap.  
  • Nurse

3-5 Second nap.  While they nap, I work, write, or paint.


  • Change to undies.
  • Nurse
  • Read
  • Movement or more shelf work.


  • Dinner
  • Sit on toilet.  They will sit on it periodically when wearing their undies, but we make it a point to go after a meal.
  • Play until showing signs of tiredness.
  • Prepare for bed: nurse, brush teeth, and change.

8/9-10:30 Hubby and I will spend time together or we each will have “‘me-time’.  During the weekends we will often watch a show or movie.

10:30-11 Dream feed the girls.  Called such because they are still sleeping.  It helps them sleep through the night as they’ll have a nice full stomach.

I used to feel guilty about taking any ‘me-time’ or not given them my full devotion while I cleaned.  Especially with twins, I feel like I’m neglecting one if paying attention to the other, even when I try to spend an equal amount of time with each one.  Then, I read this quote from Dr. Montessori, “In reality it is the child of the busy mother, who is left to try and do things for himself, left to improvise toys from simple things and his own ingenuity, who is fortunate.”  I find that removing myself is actually good for them.        

How are you and your family getting on?  Did you have to make any routine adjustments?   


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  1. You make it seem very easy. I have twin girls also…As far as Montessori you are the first I’ve found on it. They are smart beautiful 9 months old and I find myself overwhelmed, defeated and hard on myself. Not to mention I’m tired. It seems EVERYONE posts how easy it is to do Montessori. I think the blessing you have is that you learned by having 1 first. I appear to be whining. I probably am…I just want to give my best to them…

    1. You’re not whining at all! Twins are such a blessing, but there are additional challenges and a few modifications make Montessori with multiples more achievable. Give it time and yourself plenty of grace. Children don’t come with manuals and you’re doing a wonderful job:) Let me know if you ever have any questions or there’s anyway I can help.

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