E and V have had a slight runny nose, here and there, for the last three years, however, this winter has brought runny nose upon runny nose.

While E and V have no problem in letting us assist in nose-blowing, it’s really important that they have access to the materials and the ability to blow their own noses. So we created a little care area so they were able to do this.

This little area for E and V is just outside of the main bathroom. It’s a perfect little area and allows for a spot to hang their night clothing as well as a place for their stools and a mirror–I’ll need to create a post to share a little more in-depth. Right outside the restroom, where they can wash their hands, was the perfect spot.

Due to the nature of this self-care act, having it near a handwashing area is imperative. While in the process of upgrading this area, we also discovered we need to reassess where we hang our hand towels. Rather we hung a new hook and they have their own towel now. I can’t recommend having Command hooks available enough, as well as the picture hanging strips. The ability to quickly implement a solution is so empowering. A quick tip about the hanging strips, I use them for E and V’s mirror, using the largest ones, so that I may raise it as needed without replacing the strips (as seen in the phone below). I always ensure that they are secure and safely hung.

Rather than having a tissue box full of tissues, to prevent the act of self-care from turning into an activity, I cut tissues into fourths and placed them in a small basket. Easily accessible and serves a purpose. For used tissues, we are using an empty flower pot (perfect size and light) that E and V are able to empty independently easily.

The actual act of nose-blowing is something that they are still working on. One of them sniffles and it’s rather cute, but to her, it makes the same noise.

-We show through example. They watch us blow our nose and we make sure that, like in presenting an activity, our movements are slow and intentional. It’s vital to the act that they see us take a deep breath, etc.

-As I shared, one believed that she was blowing as her sniffle made a similar sounding noise, so we try to share the difference. I asked her to close her mouth, breathe in through her nose and out through her nose, with her hand right underneath to feel the air coming out of her nose. Then I explained how, when we blow our nose, it’s a harder pressure, and then showed her me blowing my nose.

Do you make alterations to include a self-care station for seasonal allergies and colds?

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