I love putting together little Easter baskets for E and V as we move away from winter (fingers crossed) and onto warmer weather. Spring also just feels fresh–it feels more like a New Year than January 1st (does anyone else feel this way?)–perhaps it’s the spring cleaning and spring babies.

Around Valentine’s Day, I found baskets in Target’s dollar area (similar to these) that held Valentine’s goodies and will work perfectly as Easter baskets as well as work for materials on our shelves–yay for multipurpose.

So what will go in or around those baskets?

Chicken warmie. These can be warmed in the microwave, smell like lavender, and have just the right amount of weight for those who benefit from weighted lap pads and such. (I originally purchased one of these from a shop while on holiday when I realized I didn’t bring a portable weighted item…and they are so adorable!)

Balls and dishes colour matching. E and V love matching! This material also allows for size discrimination and is just great for overall open-ended play. They really enjoyed Grapat nesting bowls, but I just couldn’t justify the price when they used them in a way that this material meets even better, pretend play and “food” serving. I loved Grapat’s colour gradient, but we have other materials that meet that need and, again, E and V didn’t use them for that purpose.

Screwdriver board with cards. E and V got real tools for Christmas as well as a tool bench. While they used these items, it’s clear that they need guided actions as those materilas were a bit too open-ended for them. This material has real tools but it also allows for increased challenges through cards they are meant to recreate.

Learning Resources Primary Shapes Templates. Originally I planned on adding a geometric cabinet to our homeschooling room, but after observing E and V I don’t think that would be the best idea for them. They love shapes, but when it comes to writing they have a little bit different needs. I still want to provide the opportunity to trace the shapes, but not at the expense of financial resources and space that could be used for items that better meet their needs. For instance, they have this shape puzzle that they love and still allows them a hands-on geometric experience.

Tiny Polka Dot math game. Our family loves games, so what better way to involve E and V than to provide games that they are able to play.

Sonya’s Chickens. This book talks about loss. We have had this conversation this past winter about the loss of Grandma’s dog, but I thought this may help explain in a way I may miss, as I tend to be more logical and fact-based. I’m really hoping this talks more about emotions. A book we already have, and love, that also covers loss is this one, albeit, from the view of a turtle, it was a great conversation starter.

How Many? (Talking Math) book. I was so excited when I came across this book. While it’s a great concept for anyone, especially as a neurodivergent, who works with neurodivergent children, we tend to see things differently. This often gets us marks on tests and such and this book is so refreshing as there’s no “wrong”. For instance, in one of the images, there are shoes in a box. How many? Two? Because you counted the number of individual shoes. One? As in one pair of shoes or perhaps you counted the single box that contains the shoes? I see this as an opportunity to ask questions rather than just assume someone provides a wrong answer, something that can extend far past this book and counting.

There will be some good old-fashioned Easter egg fun. Here are a few Easter egg alternatives we did last year, including a material that really helped with some motor development and strengthening, that we will be enjoying again this year.

Do you celebrate Easter? If so are you putting together an Easter basket?

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