A few months ago, the tissue box seemed like something the girls would enjoy. So I purchased a tissue box cover off Amazon and, using the silk scarves I had already purchased, I put one together for them. They didn’t care for it, at all. Thinking that they might enjoy it at a later date, I rotated it out. When they showed interest in pulling, I brought it out once again. And, once again, they were not interested. Was something else filling their needs to pull, was it just lack of interest, were the silks no longer appealing? They’ve enjoyed the silks for months. As newborns, when noticing their love of fabrics, I would hang some from their gym where they would stare at them for long periods of time. That’s when I thought to do something a little different.


I had purchased different fabrics from the local craft store, with plans to create a board of textile and colour sorting later. Instead, I decided to use them with the tissue box. My aunt took the fabric and cut them into perfectly sized squares and hemmed them for longevity.

Once I reintroduced the tissue box with the different fabrics, the girls took to it immediately! Some of the fabrics being too enticing to resist. The tissues box helps with dexterity as they pull fabric form the box and, in time, puts it backs. It’s also helping with strength as they pull and keep themselves upright.

Once they showed they started to show less interest in pulling, I reintroduced it by hiding their farms animals inside.

Have you created a tissue box activity for your child?

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