Have you heard of ‘topponcino’ before? The first time I did I thought it was a delicious-sounding drink, haha, but what it is is actually a fantastic idea.

E and V’s auntie just gave birth to a new cousin and the girls are so excited. As the mother of toddlers, and someone who used toppincinos with E and V when they were newborns, I was really glad that their aunt asked about them as there are just so many benefits.

Topponcino is an oval, thin pillow meant to support a newborn as well as provide a consistent environment.

The consistent environment begins with the mama-to-be sleeping with the topponcino so that it smells like her. While there will be skin-to-skin contact and many topponcino-less cuddles with parents, the topponcino is more for being away from mama–think floor-time or being held by other family members and friends. It makes transitions, whether person to person, from person to floor, etc, more comfortable for Baby as their environment has mostly remained the same.

The support that the topponcino offers was something that a few great-grandparents praised, saying that it made them more comfortable. Once great-grandmother told me, when E and V were newborns, that they usually avoid holding little babies but the topponcino made them feel more comfortable.

If E and V’s auntie is comfortable with them holding their new cousin, there would be better support if a topponcino. Support, not due to lack of practicing and being respectful, but just the physical support that may be a bit challenging for 3-year-old arms.

We’ve been practicing using a topponcino at home, with their baby dolls. Just to get them comfortable with using a topponcino and holding a baby.

Have you used a topponcino before?




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