I feel like we are a little late to the leaf rubbing game. The leaves have just really begun falling near us a week or so ago, a little later than usual. Regardless, it is better late than never.

We recently purchased a leaf puzzle that would allow us to identify some trees in our area. I chose this particular puzzle as it allows for durable, hands-on exploration. On our first walk in the woods, after the puzzle arrived, we collected some different leaves so that E and V would be able to compare the leaves they found to the puzzle.

While E and V enjoy matching items, this would be the first time practicing identification.

I also wanted to try leaf rubbing which would allow for exploration through an art technique. Just another way to work with nature and explore what we collected. But upon setting up the activity I quickly realized that we didn’t have the appropriate kind of crayons that would make the best quality of leaf rubbings. The ones we had twist. What we did have though was chalk and black construction paper. So leaf rubbings would be done, but in a different way.

As always they are never forced to copy what I do or to even participate. I just demonstrate, and if they wish to watch, great. The materials are then placed as an invitation.

They both observed and chose to create their own, as you can see they definitely added their own take on it.

The great thing about using chalk versus crayons is that chalk is that is is so easy to clean up–a ‘yes area‘ approved art supply.

I wish I had thought to do this prior to Halloween, as these would’ve made for some awesome Halloween decorations, but there’s always next year.

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