I’ve written about the yes-area in posts before but thought it was time it had a post of its own to explain more of what it actually is. One of the things I love most about making E and V’s areas appropriate for them is that I can walk out of the room for a moment and not worry.

We try to keep the areas of the house where the girls frequent ‘yes’ areas.  This means that it’s safe and they are free to explore the items there to their heart’s desire.  That being said, we aren’t able to make every area a yes area. 

-Safety. Safety is the absolute, most important aspect of the yes-area. Natural consequences are important, but I don’t want that to be in the form of an electrical shock from an electric outlet or falling downstairs. This included choking hazards.

-Lack of treasures. These are just things you don’t want them to touch and can be anything from valuables and heirlooms to something with many pieces you don’t want to be misplaced. Items that you would navigate them away from either shouldn’t be in this area or should be way out of reach.

-Forgiving materials. We have some art materials out for their use. These are washable because E and V are twins who are learning what is acceptable and what should be avoided. Chalk on the chalkboard is great, chalk on the wall not so much and becomes a learning opportunity. A marker on paper is great, a marker on the couch is not good and too often permanent.

While some materials aren’t appropriate for their yes-area currently, that will change in time. At some point, paint and markers will be completely acceptable yes-area materials, but for now, they are not.

Do you redirect often and have plenty of “yes” areas in your home?





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