It’s that time of the year again and, as promised, a list of materials we will be purchasing for E and V. We celebrate, and budget, for Christmas every year as we use this gift giving holiday as a time to purchase materials for their homeschool room. So you will notice some open play materials as well as items that will be found in their school room.

A reminder that I only share items that we are purchasing or on the wish list for family. I’ll start with items that have already been purchased and received, sharing my thoughts on them if I’ve been able to explore them a little without “opening” them, haha.

Geometric shapes– E and v are all about shapes right now.

Layer puzzle–While they generally aren’t into puzzles, they have really shown interest in size description / layer puzzles. It’s something I’m interested to see evolve, so I thought this may be a good challenge, now or in the very near future.

Leaf puzzle–My love language is gift-giving and that is my excuse for the reason you may have already seen this on their shelves. That, and for a school activity.

Instrument sound puzzle–You may know how we feel about electronic toys (we avoid them) but this is something I want to go with this set of cards. With a world-wide pandemic still going on, thanks Covid, being able to take the girls to the symphony or anywhere else to experience instruments has been, well, not possible. It’s also not in our budget to purchase all the instruments. While we can find individual instrument sounds on YouTube, and we have so they can see them being played, that is not something I want to overly encourage as we try to avoid screen time. Besides, this is perfect and allows them to be in control while they work. I wish I was able to see how they sound so I could give a more detailed description for you, but alas is it sealed.

Piano book–E and V love watching Hubby play the piano and they rather enjoy colour matching. Another instrument we have is colour coded and has a little booklet that allows the child to play actual songs by following and playing along by tapping the corresponding colours. Both girls love this, so when I came across this book I had to get it. There are little squares that you cut out from the back of the book and tape to your piano. What I really love is that the notes themselves, in the book, have the colours, so they are able to see the notes and make the connections, not just colour. Like I mentioned, we already have the children’s song below, but we will be getting the Christmas and Classical music ones as well.

Knobbless cylinders–A traditional Montessori materials to add to our homeschool room.

Slow Down book–I was thinking of doing another advent lander of books, but I honestly just don’t feel like wrapping them, haha. Anywho, this looked amazing! The other day when we found a worm I was tempted to pull it out and see if there was anything related.

The Story Orchestra–Based on Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. I thought E and V would really enjoy this as they seem to truly enjoy Vivaldi in general. (We previously studied him during a Music Monday using this book.)

Safety glasses–For safety as we move into more activities that require them.

Cylinders and beakers–E and V love water pouring and these will add variation as well as opportunities to make these activities more challenging.

Guidecraft puzzles–This was something that I wanted to get them last year, but it was always sold out and they showed absolutely no interest in puzzles.

Ceiling stars–When T was younger I put glow in the dark stars on his ceiling trying to follow the patterns of actual constellations. E and V are really into stars so I wanted to do the same. Just a little something special.

Horse trailer–They love horses and they love vehicles, so this just seemed like a no-brainer gift, haha.

Five games in one package–I was going o purchase the cactus game alone for $30. When I saw it with all these other awesome games for $40, yes please! Also, if you need to purchase for many children this may work perfectly as each bag comes in its own little linen bag.

Geometric puzzle–E and V loved this puzzle, but it’s a little too easy and they want to learn more shapes, so I thought we would get this and see how it goes.

If you celebrate this holiday season have you completed your shopping?

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