Yesterday we spent some time in the backyard after dinner. While relaxing on the grass, E grabbed some fallen leaves and started tearing them up. V found it to be hilarious, and then followed suit.

A month or so ago we had to take books out of reach, all except for their Indestructibles, until we start to treat them more appropriately. In an attempt to start reintroducing reading materials, we are starting with magazines. The other day when E had the magazine and V grabbed for it, the cover ripped and E’s eyes light up. My heart sank a little because I thought this might be bad news for our poor books. But, she found a way to fill this new found love, all by herself, by ripping up the leaves. I wanted to offer her a similar activity, indoors. Yes, I could bring some leaves in, but I wanted something separate and leave ripping leaves outdoors. Besides, I had a craft in mind.


Part one- Ripping construction paper. I offered the girls different coloured construction paper, on a tray with a bowl for the little pieces. I modeled ripping and placing the torn pieces in the bowl provided.

Part two- Gluing. This is new and I wasn’t sure how they would like it–but, we don’t know how some activities will go until we try it. I planned on offering them two options; a glue stick and homemade glue in a little bowl with a brush. The glue stick I had was completely dry, so the homemade was all we had. They took their torn pieces and glued them to a new sheet of construction paper. There were times I helped with glue and they just placed the papers.

Glue recipe:

  • 1/2 cup gluten-free flour
  • 1/3 cup warm water (slightly more or less depending on the consistency)  
  • 1/16 teaspoon salt

I love this recipe because it’s quick and easy, no cooking required.  Just add the water to the flour slowly while storing and then add the salt.  It’s also safe, so when E tried it out, I didn’t worry (although I wouldn’t recommend making a snack of it). 

I love the look of the glue when dry.  I see lots of other crafts involving this glue in our future.  

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