Music is a big part of this household; we listen to it regularly and all different varieties. We do have our favourite genres, classical being one of them. So when I came across this book, I knew that it was a must have.

When we first received it in the mail, it was so much better than I could have ever expected! Part 1 covers the four different eras and some of the major composers from each. In part 2, the orchestra instruments and their sections are covered.

At this time, we read about the composer and listen to some of their famous pieces. In a few short years, we will incorporate learning more about the composers, their country, and interesting facts about that time period. (I love how one topic can create so many learning opportunities in other subjects.)


Right now, we are also exploring some of the instruments that are mentioned in the book. We name the instrument and play it, sometimes to the beat of a song. Currently, a small variety of percussion instruments and the piano is all we have at our disposal. As they grow, we will expand this selection, based on their interests. While we just listen to famous pieces now, in time we will learn the notes, read the music sheet and follow along. Composing our own music and playing it will be another aspect of learning that we will incorporate, in time.

How do you study music when homeschooling?

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