As a Montessori family, we have a plethora of baskets and trays. Recently I came across some cloth trays from Target. They were the perfect size for displaying certain materials, particularly the girls’ Schleich farm animals.

The tray did as it was supposed to, but something seemed off. The red was too distracting and, while the wrapping reminded me of a fence, the colour was too off and unrealistic. Then I remembered I had these trays. While a little long, the smallest one fit, albeit only one-way, in their cubed self. It’s not how I would prefer, but it was an improvement from the red.

When I observed E having the dog and cow kiss, I knew it was time to make this setup a little more realistic. Something that was a little more conducive to a farm environment– it needed felt to portray grass and a pond.


Something as simple as blue and green felt turned a standard tray into a welcoming, basic, farm scene. The girls remove the felt regularly, but it’s there and ready for more open play, when they are.


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