The girls have had choices since birth. While they weren’t able to tell us what they wanted, we would hold up two options and which ever one received the most attention, is the one we went with.

The other day, I held up two clothing choices for E. She looked at them for a second and then at me. She was engaged, but clearly not liking what was placed in front of her. So I grabbed two other choices and she gave me the same reaction–so I grabbed two others. Once options five and six were out, she quickly decided, grabbing a frilly one piece.

The next day, I opened their small drawer, letting her choose, and she decided on a tank with constellation shorts. It’s now obvious that she has a clear sense of what she likes and doesn’t. We need to provide her with more options, without it being overwhelming. We needed a wardrobe or something similar.


Their room doesn’t have a lot of space and with two of them sharing it, and the closet not being an option, we need to make sure it’s safe. After looking at so many options, I wasn’t able to find one that was minimal enough and not made in China. While I was thinking about designs and what I was going to ask Hubby to build, I realized that we have the perfect thing already here and I was just about to put it in storage. It’s something that they have used from birth to when they started crawling….their wooden gym.

It’s light enough that I could move it from their room. But quickly discovered that two of its legs fit perfectly between their standing bar and acrylic mirror. This prevents it from tipping, making it safe to keep in their room without supervision. I removed the lower shelf that normally houses their books, which will now go on their shelf, and screwed the screws in so that they wouldn’t stick out and cause injury.

In the morning, I take a few options and hang them on their gym/wardrobe and put out a basket that provides them with accessory options. After selections are made, before their first nap, I remove the basket and hanging clothes. This isn’t ideal, but it’s the best solution for us and works perfectly.

How does your little one decide on clothing, do they have a wardrobe?




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