We weren’t going to get a learning tower. Our kitchen isn’t very big and we planned on a functional kitchen that was E and V’s height (still a work in progress). But I’m really glad we got one. It has allowed them to help so much more and permits a little more supervision with certain foods–like raw eggs as they still mouth a bit.

V has taken the most interest to working in the kitchen, while E uses the tower to be closer to me while I cook (a lifesaver during meal preparation when teething). Our particular tower allows for both girl to comfortable occupy it at the same time. However, I like this convertible tower that can also become a desk and this foldable one.

We didn’t really show them how to get up and down–Hubby tried pointing to the side cutouts once or twice, but that was it–V figured it out first on her own and then E followed after observing. Now they are both able to climb up and down with ease.

If I could only choose a functional kitchen or a learning tower, which would it be?

Honestly, there are so many pros to both that, if you have the space, I’d do both. I feel like the functional kitchen offers more independence, since it doesn’t require the tower and pushing it around. There’s just more ease and freedom of movement. I also personally find that I don’t interfere in their process nearly as much. I just give them the basic ingredients (right now their oatmeal and banana cookies, which literally, are just those two ingredients) and let them do their thing.

But if you enjoy including your young child in more complicated recipes that may require a little more supervision, the learning tower. It’s also great for a child who can’t quite reach the counters yet and is “too” big for their toddler kitchen. I think T. at 10, would just be getting away from using one. Some may be more comfortable with their child using a stool (two below are ones that we are considering, in time), but others, like those who may have to unexpectedly run after another child, may feel more comfortable with using the learning tower longer.

How often does your little one cook or bake with you?

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