When I was thinking about what materials to get the girls for their birthday, a babydoll was something I considered. I did plenty of research and decided on the perfect brand, Miniland. However, I couldn’t quite decide on a 12″ or 15″. Observing them, I didn’t think a doll was something that they would find interest in. They have sleepy-time babies, flamingos, and blankies that they don’t seem to be overly attached to. While they may enjoy their sleepy-time as a teething antidote, they don’t seem to care from them any other time. But, come to find out, I was so wrong about them wanting a baby.

We had to take E to an appointment, leaving V to visit with family. When we returned, V was just given a babydoll by her great-aunt. The squeal of joy she made upon receiving the doll was something that I had not heard her make before. The doll had to stay with her auntie, but when we returned home, I retrieved one of T’s former dolls. It was pure love! This doll is greeted after each nap, feeding, and throughout the day.

While V is drawn to Baby the most, both she and E will point out Baby’s nose and eyes while smothering it with kisses and squeezing it with hugs.

I have T’s former Bitty Baby waiting for them, my aunt has two more of different skin tones that once belonged to my cousin’s daughters. I love the idea of them have diverse dolls and look forward to expanding that collection.

In Montessori, we try to provide the child with as realistic of items as we are able to. While the Bitty Babies are great dolls, they are not anatomically correct as the Miniland dolls are. However, these dolls close their eyes when laying down, and, from my experience with T, putting a baby, who can shut their eyes, to bed is something rather special. The soft body makes them easier and more pleasant to carry around. Overall, I’m glad we will be providing the girls with such variety of dolls.


While the babies offer companionship, they also give plenty of learning opportunities. The girls enjoy pointing out baby’s nose, eyes, hair and then pointing out their’s to the baby. I have made cards of their baby’s body parts, by taking photos and then laminating, so that they may match the card to the baby. (I edited the photos to size so that they were clear and so that we could make faces.) Babies and their cards are kept on the Nugget couch, for comfort.

I have already starting to prepare a care basket for their babies, although it may be some time until they are interested in dressing and bathing their dolls. This will leave me plenty of time to scour the thrift stores for items that the girls might need for their babies.

Does your little one have a doll they adore?





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