We first introduce toilet learning and elimination communication when the girls were seven months-old. Now that they are 12-months-old, a few things have changed in how we do toilet learning and thought it was time to share an update on how it’s going.

We went on holiday just as they turned nine months. Before leaving, they were in undies after their second nap and would regularly remain dry until bedtime. Upon returning from holiday, that was not the case. It was a bit of a set back, which happens and is fine as it’s a learning process.

At 11-months, they switched from wearing undies in the afternoon/evening to wearing them in the morning. We’ve been going on bicycle rides when Hubby gets off work, so it makes more sense as we aren’t quite ready to wear undies out of the house. This also gives them the opportunity to wear their undies throughout the day (other than naps) if they remain dry and has led to wearing undies 75% of the time.

E will get our attention by wanting to be held, grabbing our leg, or heading to the restroom if she needs to go. There are still accidents, but they are becoming less frequent, if we make sure we use the toilet before putting undies on. She also informs us if she is wet (she’s never had a bowel movement in her undies). V tends to be more engrossed in work and needs reminders that it is time to sit on the toilet.

Recently we brought a second toilet out into the living area. At first, I was against doing this because we potty in the restroom, not the sitting area. However, there were times that someone needs to potty and I was unable to leave the room quickly due to the predicament of their sister. This wasn’t fair. I quickly realized that to help them become successful, we need to provide the appropriate tools in the right areas.

Both girls like their toilet. I’m so grateful for this, as sitting on it has never been met with any reaction other than joy. We keep beloved books for toilet reading and this has certainly helped make their experience more enjoyable.

While toilet learning is going well, there is no rush. When did you start toilet learning?





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