I take E and V to the local library for a children’s book reading group once a week. After songs and a book, they bring out some materials for group play. There’s one particular item E and V are always drawn to and I wanted to recreate for at home.

A reversible sequin board.

I usually avoid tactile sensations, but even I find this board so calming.

FYI, this is going to be a super short and easy tutorial, just the way I like DIYs.


-picture frame with plastic instead of glass. I used this frame, 16×20.

-reversible sequin fabric, like this.

gorilla glue (optional)

I removed the plastic, backing, and all from inside the frame. I then used that as a reference to trace and cut the fabric. You can then either glue the fabric to the plastic or just ensure it’s taut when you lay the frame over top, if not gluing ensures that there is enough fabric over the sides so that you may pull for a tight fit. I didn’t glue, so that I may use the frame later–although that might change if the fabric becomes loose.

I then laid the frame over top and secured it. Another reason I choose the frames I did is because of the way they hook in the back. It easily accommodates the extra fabric that allowed me to pull to ensure the fabric was taut.

And that’s it, seriously. So easy and so quick. The only downside is the split sequins that make their way all over the area the fabric is cut, haha.

It’s so easy that I’m planning on making two smaller versions, using smaller frames, for in the car for a future road trip.

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