I’m an Autistic with children, neither of us like change. We will soon be closing on a property and moving, which means change. To make this experience better for all of us, there are a few things I’m doing and thought I’d share. 

-Look at the layout every day.  The sellers have this wonderful graphic drawing of the layout which really helps me get accustomed and locate potential peaceful spots. E and V also enjoy looking at the layout and pointing to the different areas, like the bathroom and bedrooms. When we visit the new home prior to fully moving (more on that in a moment), I use the graphic layout drawing to show them around, just like one would a map.  

-I imagine where everything is going to go. E and V join in the discussion and I ask their opinions.  “Where should we put your beds? I’m thinking we’ll put your shelves by this big window, what do you think? I think your weaning table will work here or perhaps your cabinet—do you have a preference?” Again, helping to familiarize the space.

-I picture myself doing my day-to-day routine.  I imagine walking around as I grab a coffee.  Cooking in the kitchen with the girls.  Having lessons in the designated homeschool area. Doing this really helps me become more comfortable with the change to come. It’s a little too imaginary for E and V who are still rather young and aren’t quite ready for this kind of “pretend” yet.

-We are overlapping when we move out and move in. This will help make it so the girls and I can adjust.  We will move all the non-essentials first. Doing this gives us time in the new house too and we unpack.  Then when we move the essential items we are already starting to feel more at home as it’s like when we use the RV. 

You’ll notice the theme of communication and preparation.




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