E and V have both started fast walking and that was fast, haha. One moment they just began kind of walking and the next they are quickly finding and running away with items. I’d like to remind everyone that different milestones are hit at a variety of ages. Some children walk at 8 months, some at 20 months, and unless your pediatrician mentions it, no worries and no rush. V started first and E quickly caught up. She tends to sit back and observe V when it comes to a physical milestone, and then master it quicker. It’s fascinating to watch this process.

But just because a child may accomplish something that some may consider “late” doesn’t make it any less special or less of a triumph for them. The joy in their faces as they cross a room or as they wobble and prevent themselves from toppling is everything.

We don’t “praise” her, but you best believe that when she smiles at us with pride, she gets a huge smile in return. There have also been many “wows,” because watching her pause and steady herself has been, well, wow.

Our routine has changed slightly and, as fall is upon us, we are starting to incorporate more of a homeschooling routine. This is not something that is set in stone, but is just something I offer. Like with Music Monday or Crafty Tuesday, I offer an activity after nap and if they are interested we proceed; if they aren’t interested, they do as they please. These activities are usually ones that I don’t feel comfortable keeping on their shelf for a variety of reasons, usually for safety. (If an activity involves leaving the house for the library or hikes, we rotate these activities around for safety, as recommended. We also don’t post live info if we are out and about, again for safety.)

The girls have started to help prepare their meals and set up their weaning table. We carry their placemats over together and the items needed for their place setting. This is done with them walking while holding, carrying a single item, and I another. We are likely sometimes from them setting the table on their own, but this is how we begin the process.

What age did your little one begin walking?




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