E and V turned three! This year we celebrated their birthday in a more, traditional, Montessori way–through Celebration of Life.

So how did we celebrate?

We had a Birthday Walk! This helps a child to better understand the passage of time with materials they are familiar with and movement. Amanda, from Curtesy & Grace, created the perfect mat–a rainbow sun. We laid this down and then placed the names of the months around to represent a year. We then put a candle in the middle, to represent the sun.

E and V then took turns walking around the mat, three times, while carrrying a globe. This represented the times that they have gone around the sun through movement and visualization.

While they walked we sang:

“The Earth goes around the sun,

the Earth goes around the sun,

the Earth goes around the sun

and ______ turned one.”

Starting at thier birth month, June, they walked we sang, with the number (their age) increasing each time (1,2,3). We stopped at three, because they are now three.

We also placed materials out, that they are famailar with thorugh their work, such as the sandpaper letter three and the three number rod, to help them associate their age with quanity.

We looked at photos for each year and told stories of events and special happenings.

Once we were finished they blew out the candle (it was relit so they each got a turn).

It was a beautiful to see them enjoy their celebration and make connections.

Have you celebrated a birthday in a similar fashion?

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