It’s been some time since I shared what a weekday generally looks like for us–some things have remained the same and some things have changed, this is due to following them and their current needs–so here we go!

6:30/7–I wake up. I would try to reserve my workouts for when E and V were awake so they saw me taking care of myself like I would join my mum in her Richard Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies when I was a tot. But I recently switched to different weights, that are kept downstairs near hubby’s work area. So I need to use them when he’s not working. This also gives me time to get some work done and take care of myself.

8ish–E and V tend to wake up around this time. Once they wake up they change and prepare for the day. They have been requesting that I do their hair in different styles, which they choose from photos, bows, or such.

9–After preparing for the day we have breakfast, do our morning basket, and move on to household chores. We do laundry, vacuum, and put away dishes every day. Other chores get done depending on the day it is; Monday we clean the kitchen and dining room, Tuesday wash the bedding and clean the living room, Wednesday general weekly clean, Thursday plants and special dinner, Friday we mop and clean the bathroom. We’ve been trying to make more foods from scratch, including sourdough bread, so we often start preparing these foods at this time, as well. E and V are always welcome to join, which they frequently do. They also have the option to go outdoors if they wish or work with shelf materials during these times.

11–We move to the homeschool room. At this point, we spend roughly an hour in there, following their lead. This is more about building a routine and me seeing how best they learn.

12–Lunch prep and lunch.

1–Nap time or quiet time. Thankfully, E and V still take naps, but once a month or so they don’t nap and just have quiet time. It’s during this time that I work some more.

3/4–They usually wake up around this time and I wait until they knock on the door to greet them. In the past, when I greeted them too early, they requested that I close the door, I felt like I was interrupting them and wish to avoid that as it’s time they bond and learn to work together without me overhead.

Once they are up from their nap they have a snack and prep for dinner if needed. We may then go outdoors (in the spring/summer/fall we will care for the garden) or they may choose to stay in and work on shelf materials or just play.

5–Hubby gets off work and often joins in whatever E and V are up to before he works in the shop for a bit.

6:30–We eat dinner and then spend family time together, sometimes playing one of their games.

8–Prepare for bedtime. While they go to bed by 8:30, that doesn’t mean they go straight to sleep. As with nap or quiet time, they are free to do what they like in their room and sleep when they are ready (usually by 9:30). This prevents bedtime from being a struggle, respects their autonomy, and teaches them to listen to their body.

Once they are in bed Hubby and I may spend time together or have separate down time–he’s currently really into this VR game and I’m working on a course, so we often wait until Friday, our ‘date’ night.

10–Bedtime for me. E and V rarely wake up at night, which I am extremely thankful for. But if they do, and aren’t able to get back to sleep, I bring in one of the Nugget cushions and stay with them in their room. This way they can stay in their beds and their routine is kept the same.

On the weekends, while we still do the daily chores, they are much more relaxed. We try to do more activities as a family, like going on hikes.

Something I’d like to note is reading. Reading is extremely important and often trumps most other things. If they ask to read, I find that more important than cleaning a toilet. It’s not just about the book but about the cuddling and time spent together.

While we have a daily theme board but we don’t use it much at this time as we don’t leave home as much as we’d like yet. We previously used it and will incorporate it more once the world gets back to normal.

Do you have a routine that works for your family? A friendly reminder that your routine/rhythm will change depending on your child’s, and your, seasons.

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