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We’ve talked about patterns before, but E and V weren’t too interested. The other day I found a book at the library and thought I’d see what they thought. E loved it! She began attempting to find patterns everywhere! So I put together an activity that would allow her to practice and create her own.

I began with dot stampers. They began following the pattern and then turned it into an art project. This is great, but I still needed to create a pattern activity.

I thought I would create a pattern activity AND add to the challenge with stickers, needing to line the stickers up. That. Was. A. Pain! To create two, one for each of them, and see them completed so quickly, was, tedious, haha.

So I recreated the pages, but with dot stickers so they could use beads from this Melissa and Doug sequencing material to create and complete the patterns, repeatedly. This also allows them to become comfortable with the materials for when we use that Melissa and Doug activity as a whole. While these are the beads we will be using now, I imagine we will integrate these ones when more challenges need to be created.

This has turned out wonderfully, with them working on this material many times since it’s been added to their shelves.

Has your little one shown interest in basic patterns?




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