The other morning I was watching E make marks on paper with her pen. She focuses so intently and makes such precise characters. I later observed both her and V tracing small notes and thought something meticulous would be enjoyed.

I saw something similar from Nicole here and wanted to modify it to make it slightly less challenging for the girls. In time, they will come to enjoy the challenge of that exact activity. But at this time, their fine motor skills aren’t quite as refined.

What we used:


Corkboard, cut to size.

-Large push pins. I found ours at a local thrift store and am having difficulty locating the exact ones. These, while smaller, are larger than the traditional push pin.


And that’s it! Some of the best activities are those that consist of items that you likely already have on hand.

E and V love shapes, so to make the activity even more enjoyable, I laid the dots out in the shape of a star.

They both enjoyed the processes and once they were finished we put their stars aside for when night fell.

Once it was dark enough we brought out a flashlight and used it to shine their dots work on the wall and ceilings. I’m still not sure which part they enjoyed more; the poking or the light shining.

As their skills develop I can make this activity more challenging by using smaller push pins and then the puncher, like in the original activity linked earlier.

What would be enjoyed more in your home, the poking or light portion?

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