We celebrate Christmas and every yearwe try to gather with family for some quality time. We’ve decided, for some time now, to only purchase gifts for the children (this has really helped my anxiety that can really put a damper on the holiday season). That being said, it’s been nice to give a little something to the adult member that we care so deeply for. We often forget that DIY gifts are often the most treasured, and used (I adore what my sisters-in-law have made me so much that they are on display).

This year I thought it would be fun to create gifts based on E and V’s skill levels. While there are a few food items we will be gifting, like the fermented cashew cheese and pickled watermelon rinds, that we made I wanted to share what E and V were able to make with limited to no assistance.


blank puzzles

Bible highlighters

This was really simple and just involved them coloring on blank puzzles that were purchased. We used Bible highlighters as they didn’t rub off and were bright, not faded like regular crayons.

Sugar scrub.

-1 C sugar

Food dye

-1/3 C coconut oil

Peppermint oil*


I supplied the measured items and put in the oil we took turns stirring in the dye (we used gel and it took a little more time to disperse the colour). They mixed the sugar and dye first. Then the coconut oil and when they seemed finished with experiencing the scrub I added the peppermint oil. They then put the scrub into the container when finished. My favourite part was that it looks like art my sister and I used to create at our great-aunt’s using salt and chalk.

Shower melts.

-1/2 C citric acid

-1 C baking soda

-1 tsp spirulina (optional for colour)

-15-25 drops eucalyptus oil*

-witch hazel in a spray bottle

-soap molds (I used these)

E and V mixed the dried materials. Then they were finished and ready for the next step I added the oil. They would spray the witch hazel while I mixed until it was damp. I placed the mixture in molds. After they were dry (roughly 24 hours later) E and V helped me remove them by tapping on the tops of the molds.

*Always practice caution with oil, in general, but especially with oil and children.

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