Last year I put a little Valentine’s DIY together, but it was more for keepsake than it was for E and V. I actually think we are going to do a repeat, so stay tuned! But this year, now that they have shown a great interest in art, we did a full activity. One that they enjoyed so much that they keep asking to do more and made enough for ALL their grandparents–all nine of them!

This was the perfect craft opportunity because it involved some fine motor skills—screwing caps on/off and squeezing eye-droppers. Some colour mixing and water play—which is always a favourite here.


Materials needed:

-coffee filters (we have unbleached)

dot markers (although any washable markers should work)

eye dropper 

-water safe tray (a similar one)

construction paper

I taped a piece of construction paper to the tray, this helped to soak up extra water and gives us a neat tie-dye look.

I then taped the coffee filter, flat, onto of the construction paper.

The girls used their dot markers and created their designs. They would swap markers with each other and ask me for different colours when they were finished with the ones on the table. This gave them plenty of opportunity to screw the caps on and off. 


After they finished with the markers, using an eye-dropper and little cups filled with water, they applied water all over the filter causing the colours to bled.


This was a hit! Both E and V worked on their art for over an hour and requested more when done with the initial filters I laid out for them.

I would replace the filters and contraction paper with a new layout once they were finished so that they could continue creating for their grandparents.

Once dry, I cut the filters into hearts, ready to mail to loved ones so that they may tape them in their windows.

This is a sun-catcher, a heart,

to share my love with you.

A way to remain close

even when we are apart.

Hang it in your window 

to bring a smile to your face.

I really enjoyed making it,

some joy until we can embrace.

D you have Valentine’s Day crafts planned to create and mail out to loved ones?

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