The girls received a playhouse from their Abuela for their first birthday. (This model, but with a loft and chimney.) She wanted to get them something that would last them for years to come. When she brought up the idea of getting them one, I loved it! I remember playing with my sister in a shed that my parents allowed us to use as a playhouse. We would’ve spent all summer out there, night and day if we could have. Their Abuela had similar memories and she couldn’t wait for the girls to create their own.

In time, the girls will come up with their own way to use the playhouse. They may choose to play house, have sleepovers, or run a business–the opportunities are endless. For the time being, I have put together activities, involving the outdoors, that I believe they will enjoy.

-DIY laminated flowers for seek-and-find. These are all flowers that can be found in our backyard that I pressed. The girls can use these laminated ones to locate the ones throughout the yard. Many of the flowers are located in one area, so they don’t need to move around too much. The great thing is that laminated, these will last and be a perfect way for future infants to safely explore nature.

-DIY seed bombs. Using this print, we will be creating our own seed bombs and growing bee-loving flowers all over. I laminated our print to protect it from the many messes I’m sure it will come in contact with. I love these types of recipes because the girls will be able to use them before they are able to read. I love this activity because it will give the girls a chance to dig, pour, measure, play with dirt, and help our flying friends.

-Painting with water. Using water and a brush they can “paint” or clean the outside of the playhouse.

-Collect and clean rocks. There’s the enjoyment of locating rocks, maximum effort in carrying them, the sensory experience of cleaning them in a bin of water, and practicing life skills by drying them off.

-Treasure finding, collecting, and magnification. Locating items around the yard that would be interesting to study more in-depth.

-Clay imprinting. Using air clay and some treasure that we have found we can create clay imprints.

There will be so many more outdoor activities that will be added as the girls begin walking on their own and as they show interest.

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