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Last month we tried something a bit different, materials all out on a shelf, available to them as their traditional Montessori materials are, rather than dividing them up to study throughout the month. While both methods have worked well for us, I found, with two half weeks due to illness, the shelf method worked the best. It was amazing and I didn’t feel like we ‘missed’ anything since it wasn’t broken up into days.

This month, following an interest of E and V’s, we will be learning about space, with an emphasis on planets. As we’ve done in the past, we will have our day themes that I will try to incorporate the monthly theme into.

While our homeschool shelf set-up will be space-related, our bookshelf with be dedicated to Indigenous People and the National Day of Mourning. My children have Ottawa, on my side, and Potawatomi, on my husband’s side–so this is especially important to us. (I’ll create a separate post to share all the books we have displayed there.)

Shelf materials:

Books. E and V LOVE books. So, of course, a majority of the materials that will be on their shelf will be books. Here’s a list of them: Peek-a Flap Space, Moonshot, A is for Astronaut, My First Brain Quest Science Around Us, Smithsonian Kids Space, Hello World! Solar System, Planets and the Solar System.

Additional Materials.

Planet magnets for hands-on. While I am unable to find the exact ones we have, here are some similar ones- here and here.

Planet blocks. I LOVE Uncle Goose blocks. We have a few different sets and they’ve been a great way to expose a topic and offer some hands-on work that will bring up questions and conversations.

You will notice that this month’s outline has only two weeks. That’s because we will be taking holiday the last two weeks with an emphasis on Native American reading. However, E and V will still have access to all these materials, and if they would like, I will provide an additional outline.

Week one (beginning the 6th)-

Monday: David Bowie. Whenever I think of space, the song “Space Oddity” comes to mind. So it only seemed fitting to learn about David Bowie and his contributions to music.

Tuesday: Isaac Roberts’ and his galaxy photos. This will be the first time we are focusing on photography and I know they will be especially excited. They have their own camera (code: FRENCHFAMILYMONTESSORI for 15%off) that they love to use. Due to needing the subject, we will need to do this activity at night. The one time in my whole life I’m thankful for the time change and dark arriving an hour early.

Wednesday: Aesop. We read one fable and discuss it. This was something I started late last school year with them and it’s been great.

Thursday: Slow Down: 50 Mindful Moments in Nature. Page 78, ‘A Barn Owl Wakes Up.’ We’ve been talking about nocturnal animals, so this will be a great additional read.

Friday: Field trip or spare day.

Week two –

Monday: Gustave Holst. The Planets. We pre-ordered this book and I hope it will be here in time as E and V LOVE this series.

Tuesday: Pilar Gógar. We are going to attempt to create similar pieces through a pouring process.

Wednesday: Aesop.

Thursday: Slow Down: 50 Mindful Moments in Nature. Page 96, ‘A Harvest Mouse Searches for Supper.’ The other day I explained why we need to be cautious about putting corn and seeds right outdoors as it could attract mice. There was expressed concern for mice and where they will find food, so this will be a great read.

Friday: Field trip or spare day.

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