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Our homeschool room shelf is dedicated to space, particularly planets, but our general book shelf is dedicated, primarily, to Indigenous People.

I promised that I would share a list of books we have on our bookshelf and this is it. You will notice that there are quite a few books about residential schools. This can be a tough topic to discuss, but an important one. So we talked about it in a developmentally appropriate manner (more about ‘appropriate’ here).

Here are the books we currently have on our shelf:

Water Walkers.

Grandmother’s Dreamcatcher.

Stolen Words. This is a great starter to opening up conversations about residential homes. There isn’t too much detail, but it shares an important impact.

A Boy Named Beckoning.

Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message.

Celebrations Around the World. I’m really ashamed to say that I just discovered, when putting this shelf together, that I had no individual books about Diwali. Thankfully Celebration Around the World offers some info, but I still need to order some Dwali books for our personal library, like this one and this one.

When We Were Alone.

Sitti’s Secrets.

The First Blade of Sweetgrass. Love this as it takes about not taking everything but leaving some for future generations.

We Are Still Here!

Lift-a-Flap Surprise Autumn in the Forest. A favourite in our home for some time now has also been very much loved by E and V’s little cousin.

The Rabbit Listened. I shared my review of this amazing book here.

The First Strawberry. Based on a story, this is something I only recently became comfortable reading with E and V as they have helped to grow items in the garden and understand how strawberries really grow.

Fry Bread. One of our favourite books by one of our favourite illustrators.

We Gather Together: Celebrating the Harvest Season.

When I Was Eight. A book about a little girl’s time in a residential home. I love how she shared her strength and how she stood up for herself and didn’t allow them to take away who she was.

Red Bird Sings.

Sleep Tight Farm. A sweet book about how a family prepares their farm for the winter.

Sharing the Bread. There is a part we skip over but it likely won’t bother most others.

I hope you enjoy these books as much as we do!

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