I came across a six-pack of wooden eggs at Target, during a rare outing, and, at the time, I wasn’t sure what I would do with them, but I knew a fun activity would be had.

After thinking about it for a bit, I remembered that I had some smaller eggs and nests. When I finally located them, there was only one small remaining nest, but quite a few eggs. The size variation between the Target eggs and these eggs is unmistakable.

Using two boxes from the nesting boxes (similar to this set), a large tray (alternative) that I found at a thrift store, and a small woven basket I was able to put a little size sorting activity for E and V. (This is an activity that is only to be done under supervision due to the size of the small eggs–these are close in similarity. While they aren’t mouthing as much as they used to, they still do at times and it’s just not safe to leave them unsupervised.)

When presenting this work to E and V, I would pick up one egg at a time. I would look at it and then place the small eggs in the small nesting box and the large eggs in the large box. Once I had placed all the eggs in their respective box, I would pour them back in the woven basket.

The girls are getting to a point where they enjoy working on some materials together and are correcting themselves and each other. After I presented this work I just stepped back and observed. The only time I stepped in was when someone put a small egg in their mouth (choking hazard) and thankfully that only occurred once. At first they wold just put the eggs in either box, regardless of the size. After a while they started to separate the eggs by size. At one point, V started to put the larger eggs in the small box, but after three eggs, she realized that she wasn’t able to get the rest in (control of error), so she swapped the eggs and boxes.

I love activities like these because there’s really no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. They can sort the sizes of the eggs or just use it as a transferring activity.

V even incorporate a few of the eggs with their drawers, creating colour sorting work.

Are you putting together spring-themed activities for your toddler?

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