This was a pleasant little discovery I came across which turned into something rather neat.

I’ve introduced stamps a few times, but they have never held E and V’s interest, like, at all. I thought perhaps they weren’t into it, but, after seeing Melissa and Doug stamps with a different grip, I think perhaps their wrists or fingers weren’t actually ready quite yet.

As you may already know, I already blew my budget for fun things this month, and the Melissa and Doug stamps were vehicles. We already have M&D traditional vehicle stamps. So another DIY opportunity it was, with materials I already had on hand.

There are a few ways to create DIY stamps. I had originally planned to use the corks for handles on a whole other design plan, which did work. But when I saw the fantastic look and texture the corks made when using an ink pad, I immediately knew moon and moon phase stamps had to be made. So here we are.  (Why does someone who doesn’t drink have so many wine corks on hand? Hubby is actually known for his wines, meads, and beers–so I just raided his supply of corks, haha.)

While there are eight phases, but only four stamps are required (you’ll notice we have five, due to trying something out). You just need to rotate to go from waxing to waning and back. 

*While these are really simple to make, please use extreme caution using the exacto knife.*

Materials and how to:


-Pen or marker. To draw your design. I made the moon phases along with a star and heart steam, E and V’s favourites. I plan on creating more shapes as they recognize more and more.

Exacto knife. While there are a few varieties of exacto knifes, you want one that has a fine point.

And that’s it!

Have you made your own stamps?

(I just saw that M&D has farm stamps in their first wooden stamp set collection. That may be a next month’s purchase.)

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