My babies are two! It’s so crazy, I feel like they’ve always been a part of the family and yet it feels like they’ve only been here for a short time. Having been asked about what we are getting for E and V and what we recommend, I thought I would share their gifts and materials they are currently enjoying.

Playset: Due to the pandemic we purchased them a playset that should last them for many years. The one we have is no longer available, but I found a similar one that had many of the components I thought were important, like a tunnel slide.

Shape sorting latch board:

Games: There are three games that we play on a regular basis.

Roll and Play: E and V will play this game for over an hour at a time. They love rolling and the card. Days when I’m recovering from masking, this is perfect. It requires little from me and I feel like I’m still playing with my girls.

First Orchard: We love this game. We are a big game playing family, like, huge and this is great from introducing them to games with dice and rules. It’s fun

100 First Words: E and V love this game so much! We just got over the names of objects. They really enjoy pointing out and finding words they already know.

Dollhouse: E and V received a barn for Christmas and it’s one of their favourite materials. They are starting to enjoy pretend play with the children in their school bus and their magnetic dolls, so I thought they might enjoy a dollhouse. A dollhouse isn’t necessary, but it’s something that is a pretty big deal in my family. We often go to miniature shows and would make our own items for the dolls and their house with my aunts. So it’s more than just a building. While I’m sure we will build one that’s a little more elaborate when they are older and can help design and build it, this is perfect and will last for many years.

Lock House: E is really into the lockbox we have and I thought this, as they have such a love for dolls, would be great when it came to the next challenge.

Latches barn: Kind of a combination of the shape latch board and the lock dollhouse, this would be something my challenge and farm animal-loving toddlers would likely spend hours on.

Scooter: They have been using their trolly as a scooter, so when my mum asked what the girls may like, scooters immediately came to mind. *Update, yes, they love them!

Schleich figurines: They received so many of these for their birthday and they love every single one. We aren’t big fans of plastic, but we make an exception for Schleich as the detail are just too good. A few of the ones they received; lion, turkey, farm animals, baby farm animals, horse, horse, more horses, dog, dog, and dog–so many dogs and horses, haha.

Cylinder drop: E and V love ours (Hubby made it).

For more ideas check out what is on our shelf here.




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