I’ve had a lot of questions about this mat, so I thought it best to create a post to direct others to so that they could create their own. Have you seen those fashionable leather mats being used by so many influencers? These mats are being used outdoors and inside, for picnics on the grass and as playmats everywhere imaginable. I have seen them all over and find them lovely! So fashionable and minimalist. The thing is, I see things, get them and then never use them–so I knew I needed to pass.

When doing some rearranging of the furniture in the sitting area I, again, came across some material I had. I had this material, faux leather, for so long. Long enough that I don’t even remember what its original purpose was. I got it as a scrap piece and have just held onto it, thinking someday a craft would call for it. So when I saw it, curious how much was there, I rolled it out, prepared to donate it. Then, idea!

The colour is kind of interesting, but seeing it rolled out in the new layout, I was kind of loving it, and I knew what to do–I was going to make my own super-cute-leather-like-influencer-inspired-mat. You know, the mat that will never be used other than right here in the sitting area, haha.

All I did was measure (57″ X 43″) and trim, making sure all the cut bits were discarded and the edges were even. Due to the type of material, there was no need to sew a hem. That was it, it was done. It almost seems too easy, for how well it looks, haha.

With the rearranged area, this mat helps define the new play/work areas (E and V still use their Montessori mats for boundaries). I’m thinking of drawing out and creating a road scene on the other side. Something that my little vehicle lover will enjoy. Right now there is so much going on with planning their birthday party, creating an autism course, and now offering 1:1 coaching that it may be some time until I get to it.

Knowing myself and being realistic made me realize that this would work for us. If you really want a mat that is more suitable, ie more durable, to use in different environments, I’d recommend layering two pieces and sewing them together or using a heavier duty vinyl. You can find the faux leather material I used in furniture fabric.

I would love to see what others create, so please tag me if you make your own!




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