1. Slicing
  2. Spreading
  3. Food without heat
  4. Food with heat
  5. Recipes using measurements
  6. Creating recipes

The girls are standing and starting to toddle around a little bit. They have been wanting to be with me more in the kitchen when I prepare food, so it was time to start setting up their kitchen area for use. While there are some items that still need to be added, we are able to start using it to prepare their lunch.

Eggs are a favourite food, especially for lunch as we often do a snack style meal. So slicing hardboiled eggs was the perfect first food preparation.

They are starting with peeled eggs for lunch. (We work on peeling eggs together at a different time.)

The items we use are few and will be kept in their kitchen area, accessible to them. 


I introduced this to E first, as she toddled over to see what I brought out. She immediately grabbed the egg (I brought out one at a time) and wanted to chow down. Showing her how to place the egg on the slicer, she wasn’t too excited. But once the egg was sliced, she enjoyed moving it to her plate–taking little tastes in the process, haha.

Once her plate was ready, I helped her walk it over to her place setting at their weaning table. V noticed that E had food and was ready to help herself. So I led her to their kitchen counter where her and I repeated the process that E and I just had. Once her plate was ready, I assisted her in carrying the plate to her table setting.

If they decided to have eggs again for a snack, we will repeat the preparation process that we did for lunch.

Has your little one started slicing foods to help with meal preparation?

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