We moved, I want to say recently, but the reality is that it was seven months ago–we are still so far from being ‘moved in’. We are able to leave home a little more frequently and I’m always concerned if I’m doing enough when it comes to E and V and safety. We talk about touching the car (particularly the little gas door as it’s a clear marker or the car magnet placed specifically for that purpose) while mama is loading a sister in the car. We talk about not running on the road and holding a hand when crossing streets. We make sure we cover all that. It’s so important to talk about preventative, but what about the ‘what-if’?

I, like you, know my children will never wander off. It’s not possible as I have a hawk-eye on them whenever we are outside of the home. That being said, stuff happens, and when you have more than one child, it’s more likely to happen.

I’m a believer that, if I’m prepared, it won’t happen. When I found out about wills, I made one asap to prevent my death, haha. Because you know how it goes–call me superstitious–but I just think things are worse when you aren’t prepared. (Honestly, being an anxiety-filled Autistic, preparedness is a way of life as t makes the days run smoother.)

So I also do my best to ensure safety, in case something that will never happen, actually happens. Can’t be too prepared.

So we began to talk about our address. Thankfully, where we live, there’s a predominant building that they are well aware of. But it’s not directly next door and their address should still be learned. So how are we doing this?

With song. Specifically “The Muffin Man.”

There’s a lot of singing that takes place in our home, so we use songs a lot in order to assist with learning and understanding.

While incorporating their address, I also make sure to change the words, so that if someone does sing that particular song around them they won’t be chiming in with our address.

Example: “Do you know my tomato-loving girl, my tomato-loving girl, do you know my tomato-loving girl who lives on ______?” We change ‘tomato loving’ to their own favourites.

This way the Muffin Man still lives on Drury Lane and not at our address.

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