I’ve planned to do put this DIY together for forever! However, slightly different. I wanted to use dowels, but after putting this DIY together for the girls and having wooden doll pins and stands left over, I decided that they would be perfect for this material, as well. I just don’t have the time to go in the shop, even for a short time due to the girls teething, to cut, sand, and screw dowels. That’s fine because this worked out really well.

Whenever I do a DIY, I want to use materials that hold up and will be long-lasting. We want more children and my time is very precious; so these DIYs need to last. Because of this, I prefer to use wood over cardboard. I wanted this particular materials to have a round base so that all three colours were in sight. So when I saw a circular wood scrap piece in the wood shop I was ecstatic, because there are NEVER round scrap pieces and then I help prevent waste.

All that was required:

I was able to throw this together in a few hours, with most of that time just waiting for everything to dry.

The girls normally aren’t interested in stackers, at all. But I thought, as they are starting to become interested in colour matching, that this might spark their interest.

When I first introduced it, I matching a single ring of each colour to its corresponding vertical pin. I then removed the rings and placed them back. V enjoyed putting the rings back on the tray (she’s really into transferring at the moment) and E wanted to wear the rings and push the tray around, haha. After a bit, stacking the rings did become appealing and they started to enjoy it. They spent about 15 minutes with this before moving on to something else. At this point, 15 minutes is a pretty big win.


Is your little one into stacking and colour sorting?

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