I was walking through the store to pickup some photos I had printed, when I saw these wooden doll pins and stands and was reminded of a material that Nicole Kavanaugh had once put together. Since the girls like to frequently work on the same materials together, I wanted to make a version that would allow them to do just that.

The girls enjoyed their pop toy for a long time. While they are starting to become interested in matching colours, and I love that there are just four colours, they are showing more interest in posting right now. Since they have mastered placing the pegs in the holes, they have started to ignore their once favourite toy. So when I saw the doll pins and stands at the store, I knew that I could put something together that they would enjoy now (with posting) and later (with colour matching).

While I would have preferred to have the colours on a circular platform, as Kavanaugh has hers, I did a straight wood base instead. This will allow for the girls to work on the material easily together and I also wanted to keep this displayed on their weaning table, between meals, to deter climbing. Having it take up a little more space, as opposed to a round version, is ideal for this reason, as well.

All that was needed:

After painting the stands and corresponding doll pins, and waiting for them all to dry, I hot glued the stands to the scrap wood base. That was all; a few hours of work from me (mostly just drying) for multiple work activities for them.

I first introduced this to V, as she showed interest when I brought it to be placed on the table. When showing her, I matched the colours and put the peg “legs” into the stand. She would place the “heads” into the stands, which is easier to do than the legs. This also allowed her to match some of the peg colours to their corresponding stands side-by-side. I love how this material offers a few different challenges without requiring anything from me, they can challenge themselves as they see fit.


E has observed V posting and became interested in joining, too.

Is your little one into colour sorting and posting?

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