The girls have been more interested in watching me paint. So I wanted to try and find a painting activity that was a little more than just paint in a bag (don’t get me wrong, we love those!) and a little more messy, without destroying the house. Ice paint was the perfect solution! It’s more hands-on, allowed them to express more creativity, and is edible without being wasteful or confusing.

While a plastic ice tray would work well, we only own an old-fashioned stainless steel tray, and those wouldn’t create the individual cubes needed. Instead, I used the eggs from their easter basket, to ensure individual colours and perfect size. For the colours, I decided to use two different powders (mixing about a teaspoon of each mixed with hot water per two egg halves), using beet powder (from parts of the beet that would be composted) and turmeric. The girls have had both before, so I knew they were safe if ingested. Food-dye is another alternative, if you have it on hand (I did not).

I used little wooden spoons, that I use to label condiments when we host gatherings, for the handles. I waited for the eggs to form a little ice on top and used a knife to pierce a little slit in the middle before inserting the wooden spoons. This helped them to be more centered. I prepared the ice at 8 in the morning and they were ready for craft time at 1 in the afternoon. So while not immediate, it can easily be a same-day activity.


I gave each of the girls a pink and yellow, one for each hand, and a white piece of paper. They immediately mouthed them (as was expected) and, while they didn’t really “paint”, they clearly enjoyed themselves. Now to make them some actual popsicles.😄

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  1. I have been searching for E and V’s table and chairs. I love that the chairs have arms to help them stay safe. Where did you get the set?

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