When T was young it became very clear, very quickly, that the times I would spend on the toilet alone had ended. While it’s wiser to have children in the bathroom with us, rather than quiet in another room leaving you filled with concern, it’s not exactly a joyful thing it once was. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who enjoyed the quiet a restroom brought–seriously, who bothers a person in the restroom by inquiring what they are up to, haha.)

While I’d rather ensure my children’s safety, because even though we aim to create yes-areas it still makes me a little uneasy to experience a void of noise, I’d still like to not entertain while on the porcelain throne.

So what is the answer? A prepared environment!

Many of our homes already have a prepared environment in the restroom for toilet learning, but I’m talking more about materials similar to what you’d find on their shelves. Remaining mindful that these materials stay in the restroom, for the same reason the car materials stay in the car–so they remain of interest.

-Puzzles. For T, puzzles were the only thing he was interested in. I would keep a puzzle that was slightly challenging, so he wouldn’t get bored too quickly, and if he became frustrated, I was right there. Slightly challenging, as I didn’t WANT to help, being a little preoccupied.

-Books. The obvious choice.

-Open and close containers. For E and V this is ideal. They completely ignored these types of materials when they are located on their main shelf, but if that’s the only material available, they start to enjoy them, on repeat!

-Non-bath materials. E and V love sharks, whales, and dolphins. So I keep these types of figurines in the restroom for them to enjoy. I generally keep books relating to these in here, too, as they enjoy matching the figurines to the images in the book.

A friendly reminder that you can provide all these or other options, but light or noise from your phone may call their attention, and then that’s all they’ll want to focus on. So I’ve brought back the bathroom book, for myself, too.

Do you have a prepared environment for your child that is more than just toilet learning supplies?




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