E and V’s bedtime routine involves reading a book which requires a reading light–if you follow our stories on Instagram or Facebook I share ‘last night’s book’ daily.

E and V love this little light. At first it was something they’d excitedly hand to me when they came across it, but lately it has become something they run off with.

The other day I located my second one, allowing them each to have one to turn on and off while reading their own books. They then began running around shining the light at each other. I want them to be able to these lights, safety, and really learn what they are for. Just sitting and going over the light and what it’s for is important, but actually USING them is more correctly is more effective. So I had an idea!


They love being asked to find animals, so I thought using the light to locate animals in the dark would be something they would enjoy. Not only would this be fun, it would encourage proper use of the light.

Using blankets to really darken the room and arming them both with a reading light (a small flashlight would have worked just as well, if not better), I’ll sent them into their movement room with a mission—to find a specific animals that we have located in there along with their farm. “E, using your light, can you find the cow?” and “V, using your light, can you find the donkey?”

I kept it simple, with their animals being located in the barn. But, in time, I’ll hide their animals a bit, causing them to use their light to search around a little more.

And, of course, we had to make hand shadows.




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