I’ve been asked a lot lately what the girls would be receiving for the holidays and thought it would be easier to create a list. We budget, throughout the year, for Christmas, often taking advantage of the holidays as a time to get them materials they will need in the following six months. Their birthday is in June, and we do the same then.

There are few materials I am trying to get my husband to make them, which may show up in the Etsy shop, as well.

Being that we are a homeschooling family, you will see items that is more for a tradition Montessori classroom. I will try to point these out with an *. If your child is attending a Montessori school, or will be, you may wish to avoid these materials. I have found that not all “Montessori” schools are true Montessori, so these materials may or may not not be presented. Your child may also be ready for them prior to school. They don’t need anything big this year, last year they received the Nugget couch, and this has allowed us to help prepare materials for homeschooling.

Cylinder drop: They will probably receive this prior to Christmas just because they are showing signs that they may be ready for it.

Bead sequencing work: I found this for a good deal and thought I should have it on hand. They may not be ready for it for some time or may be ready it for it sooner. It really depends on the child. T really enjoyed doing these type of things, so he started sequencing colours awhile before his second birthday.

Beginner pattern blocks: They received these from their cousin, which was one of T’s favourites. So when I cam across these blocks, I thought they might be something the girls would enjoy, we shall see.

Popping toy: I got them this for the sensory experience and it works fine motor muscles. I thought about this one, but went with the other as they both seem to be more into smaller details and I didn’t think they would enjoy the other as much, but we shall see.

Mini fridge: To make their kitchen more functional and to give them more independence. Our older fridge doesn’t really offer much space. So to provide them with their own designated area would be difficult. This is the perfect solution.

Barn: The girls absolutely love animals. So when I thought about getting them something like a doll house, a barn was the obvious choice.

*Pink tower: This will be introduced after the cylinders. We had it in the budget for both and wanted to be prepared incase they were ready for them prior to their birthday when we would be making our next big purchase.

*Sand paper numbers : A traditional Montessori materials for writing numbers. These won’t be used for awhile, but this is a prime example of how we do holiday gifts here. As I mentioned before, we take advantage of the holiday budget and deals to purchase future materials. There has been many times I’m glad I purchased ahead of time, because some items have been discontinued, although this is unlikely to happen with traditional Montessori materials such as these numbers.

Colour gradient sorting: One of those materials that I’m not sure when they’ll be ready for it, so I want it on hand.

Roll and Play Game: I am so excited to give them this. We are a huge game playing family and the girls are really getting into acting out the moves in their “From Head to Toe” book, so I think they will enjoy this.

Peg puzzle: A more challenging ring posting material.

Cash box with slot and lock: They both really enjoy posting, so adding a lock, soon, will be a nice challenge.

Layered chicken puzzle: This looks like a fun puzzle that won’t be too difficult. They really enjoy eggs and farm animals, so I think this will be a hit.

Bee hive with tweezers: Fine motor skill work and colour matching.

Peg stackers: They enjoy pegging and I thought this would be something they would enjoy now and then designing for years to come.

Diverse abilities figure set

Palette of pegs: More pegging materials that includes stacking.

*Colour box 2: Instead of purchasing a colour box one, I got this to save money and space. Since this box includes two reds, blues, and yellows, I can just create a colour box 1 with them.

*Dressing frames: After pricing out the approximate cost it would take to DIY these, I decided my time would be best spent doing other things as there was no saving. We got the girls the zipper, velcro, and button frames to begin with. (Here is a complete set at a very afford price.)

*Thermic tablets: A traditional Montessori material. As we start to go over temperature, I thought these might be nice to have on hand.

*Knobbed cylinder blocks: They will probably receive block 1 before Christmas as they are really interested in size variation and are ready for something more challenging. I’ve seen a lot of Montessori families enjoy smaller versions.

Innybin sorter: I’ve trie to make something similar to this, but it just hasn’t been secure enough, so when I saw this, I knew I had to get it. I’m excited to see what the girls think.

I’ll create another list for the books (here) that we plan to purchase for the girls, too. Last year we opened one a day all through December and it was such a treat. Now with two little books lovers, I really look forward to doing this.

EDIT: With Black Friday upon us, I have made a few more purchases for the girls (some of the “Christmas gifts” have already been rotated in due to seeing an immediate need).

Twist and turn screws: The wooden screw nutcracker we currently have is a little too big for their hands. So when I saw these I just had to jump on them.

Small pitcher: This is slightly smaller than their other pitcher, making it easier to pour from. The heavy duty glass makes it so they can see how full it is.

Scissors: Little stocking stuffers that will be great for craft to come.

Montessori boxes: I’ve been wanting to get these for the girls for a bit now, but with 15% I finally purchased.

Schleich animals: We use the holidays and their birthday as an opportunity to expand the collection. They make for awesome stocking stuffers.

Touch and match board: I love the size of the circular pieces. As they accomplish this activity and require more of a challenge, the pieces with fit into a bag, to match by feel only.

Montessori imbucare board: Another material that has been on our list to purchase. While I have modified our flip board (below) so that it offers more of a challenge, but the knit ball will make it even challenging.

Geometric puzzle: The puzzles we currently have are too easy or too difficult and this is the perfect in-between.

Melissa and Doug chunky puzzle: E is showing interest in the safari themed puzzle in her room that was gifted to us. I wanted this transpiration one, not only for the puzzle aspect, but for later activities that go over air, water, and land transporting.

Lego Duplo: I don’t care for plastic, but Legos are often found to be undeniably important to so many families, including Hubby’s, and that outweighs my dislike for plastic. Won’t lie, I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Toddler puzzles:

Sensory bin tools: Another great deal on materials I have planned to get the girls.

Stacking cups: They have nesting boxes, but these cups will be used for nest, stacking, holding smaller activity materials on trays, etc.

Wood geoboard: I’m not sure when the girls will be ready for this and planned on making a DIY, but for the price during Black Friday, I just can’t make my own for the same or less.

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