The holidays are right around the corner and a new year is nearly upon us, although I’m not sure how as I swear we just celebrated the bringing in of 2022–oh how time flies. As promised, here is a look at what we will be gifting E and V this year as well as some items on their wishlist that they may not exactly be receiving. A reminder that we homeschool and we take advantage of the holiday funds to supply some traditional Montessori materials as well as some items that follow new interests. I tend to purchase items throughout the year when I find deals, in order to accommodate our budget.

Knowing that some may be sending their children to Children’s House and won’t need to duplicate traditional Montessori materials or those inspired by them, I’ll break up my list into two groups; items for homeschooling and not.

A waterwall. Okay, truth be told I’m hoping this also works for marbles, fingers crossed.

Melissa and Doug puzzles. Self-correcting and another opportunity to understand the alphabet and numbers.

A game that combines E’s love of bugs with number and colour recognition as well as fine motor skill work with those tweezers.

A writing board, only to be used on long car rides so as to not interfere with paper and pencil work. We are planning a trip this winter and I know these will be the perfect addition when I saw them during an Amazon Prime deal.

Fracture measuring cups. I love the clear visual aid these provide. Unlike traditional measuring cups that look almost identical other than slightly larger/smaller than the others in its set, these are clearly different.

Melissa and Doug puppets. They have this story set of puppets, but they lean more toward animals, so these will be more appropriate for them at this time.

Doll carriers. While we don’t often get one of each for E and V when it comes to materials my two baby lovers will be each getting their own carrier. I was so excited to see these as they have just the right accessories to care for their dolls without being too overwhelming. While I always try to follow E and V’s interests, I feel like this is the first gift that they are going to be over the moon to receive.

Melissa and Doug wood construction materials. E and V were gifted this take-apart airplane and loved it so much that with their interest in creating I thought they may enjoy making their own items–a bit more open-ended play.

E and V love these books so I just had to get the latest one. It’s actually added to their book advent calendar.

Indoor gym. Okay, this I was most excited about as I really wanted to get this for my nephew, T, years ago. But wherever I lived never seemed to have a right area, like my old apartment where there’d be enough space one way, but a door width away from a closet in the other. This is going to be such a great addition to the doorway to our homeschool room as it will allow the girls to break away for some movement when needed.

And now onto more traditional Montessori materials and items that will be located primarily in our homeschool room.

Pressure cylinders. Designed to experience and match resistance pressure, a material to help refine the senses.

Cursive sandpaper letters.

Third box of colour tablets. Really excited for my two little matching loves to be able to match colours a little more accurately. (I set up a famous painting and they match the colours.)

Tumbledown counting pegs. Counting pegs wasn’t enough for one of my daughters, I could tell she needed a little more movement mixed in and this has been perfect–okay, I did set this out before Christmas as I wanted to see if it was just what she needed…it was.

There are a few items I am hoping to make E and V as well, but time will tell if I finish in time and if they turn out, haha.

Is there anything you’re excited to gift your little one?

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