The Autistic Guide–From an Autistic Parent


A Montessori-inspired guide to assist parents, caregivers, teachers, and health-care professionals in understanding us while providing skills and techniques to support so we may thrive.  

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I’m fortunate, being Autistic, I can only think and parent as an Autistic—I don’t know how to parent any other way.  As such, my goal has always been to help parents, and others, to better understand us so that neurodivergent children grow up being appreciated, valued, and respected for who we are.

Autism just consists of challenges and strengths outside of the average.  It may seem a little scary to receive an autism diagnosis, but almost anything may seem terrifying until we learn more about it, and especially when it’s easily misunderstood and so much false or dated information is still around.  (I mean, at one point tomatoes were believed to be poisonous.)

My goal is to to guide you–while understanding us through stories, analogies, and examples–in creating skills and techniques that aid you in supporting your child, in the present and throughout this journey of life.  

Section 1: Greetings!

Section 2: Co-occurring Conditions.

Section 3: Interactions.

Section 4: Traits.

Section 5: Connections.

Section 6: “Gifted”.

Section 7: Care.

Section 8: Safety.

Section 9: Sensory.

Section 10: Intentions.

Section 11: Directions.

Section 12: Health.

Section 13: Development.

Section 14: Preparation. 

Author, educator, mama, and actually Autistic–Amorette French helps families of Autistic children better understand the way we think so that we may celebrate our differences and focus on strengths.  A believer of guidance versus training, she offers Montessori aligned guides and 1:1 coaching to provide skills and techniques.  The mother of 2nd generation homeschooled Montessori twins, you can find her practicing and sharing real-life, tips, and information @French.Family.Montessori. 

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