Cycle two Clomid finished and on to estrogen.

Day 11 and I just had an ultrasound to ensure that Clomid is actually working.

It is, yay!

My ultrasound technician was really awesome, she went through secondary infertility too. She kindly shared a few tips about scheduling with my husband, such as not waiting two full days, more like 1.5 days (thought I’d pass that along).

I was asked about my vitamins and food, so I thought I might share a little. Please keep in mind this is what I do as it benefits my body–your body may not have the same needs.

I always take prenatal vitamins. In one of my nursing nutrition classes it was explained that a female within childbearing age should always take a prenatal and it made sense.

I try to eat nutritiously dense meals, swapping out lower for higher whenever possible (like chips for carrots) or adding on. For instance, I try to always add greens–they can be added to just about anything. So if I make a warm dish, I’ll put it on top of a bed of greens. But truth be told, I tend to make my meals based on the nutrients I’m after. An example: oatmeal with avocado, fried egg, nutritional yeast, and hemp hearts, with a splash of amino acids and pistachios on the side. This meal provides fiber, protein, includes a natural source of NMN, iron, magnesium, calcium, healthy fats (especially helpful for when I was pregnant with the twins as I did high protein and high fat), and so much more.

I’m no long taking baths as I like heat, like scorching, and too hot can cause problems with the spinal cord… research has found that it may lead to neural tube problems, such as spina bifida. I’ll love my children no matter what, but I also want to protect them from something that can be avoided.

The two week wait and this round was not successful.

While I have felt I’ve been handling the hormones really well, my husband has assured me that my mannerisms and stims say otherwise. When I think about it I know e is right as something feels off. I will be taking a month or two off to allow my body to recover. I also have an appointment with our fertility clinic. I love my OB, but I kind of feel like hormones aren’t being adjusted to my specific needs and she’s just giving me the standard. For example, the estrogen, I don’t think I need it. I wasn’t on it when I was on Clomid for E and V and I feel like it’s preventing pregnancy from occurring. I could be wrong, but no blood test has been performed to justify using estrogen supplements and after two rounds I’m ready to go back to our fertility specialist. For those who may not know, they recommend no more than six rounds of Clomid in a lifetime, due to the increased risk of ovarian cancer. I’ve had three rounds.

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