E has become increasingly interested in the Christmas tree lately, or rather the wrapped books underneath, haha. I thought an increased challenge in decorating the tree might allow her to still enjoy that area, while giving her something to actively participate in to better resist the temptation of the unwrapped books. She really enjoys decorating the tree, but I needed to increase the challenge a little and happened to have the perfect solution: wooden rings!

Ornaments with attached strings, or even basic hooks, are still a little too difficult, but the large hole and sturdiness of the wooden ring allows for her to place them on the tree’s branches.

While I originally put this out for E, V took interest. While she has enjoyed placing the wooden rings on the branches, although difficult, what brings her the greatest joy is locating and removing these rings.

While Easter has hiding Easter eggs for children to hunt, V has enjoyed finding wooden rings in the Christmas tree, which has become great fun for the whole house as we either hide, seek, or gleefully observe.

While we are enjoying this little hide and seek game with wooden rings, any particular ornaments or trinkets could be used, similar to the pickle ornament (here). Just another way to include them in some holiday fun.

What activities do you do with your little ones enjoy to make the holidays more meaningful and enjoyable for them?




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