A few weeks ago we to a family vacation. At one point I had to make a run to a small store and happened to come across mini Etch A Sketch Doddles and got one for each E and V. Best. Purchase. Ever! On the long car ride home, I broke these out and both the girls were so excited and enjoyed working with them. During a long traffic jam, very long traffic jam haha, I noticed V using the “pen” to trace the letters on the cover of her book. Observing her for some time, I knew the perfect thing we needed to introduce when we got home.

What you’ll need:



-Sponge (cut into small pieces which the child can easily should in the fingers.

-Small container of water.

What to do (written out in detail as it should be introduced to the child):

  1. Draw lines on the chalkboard with the chalk.
  2. Take a small sponge piece or cotton ball and dip it in the container of water.
  3. Squeeze the sponge or cotton ball over the water container, releasing excess water.
  4. Take the sponge and trace over the lines that were drawn on the chalkboard.
  5. Repeat until the chalkboard is clear of chalk.

When introducing to the child remember to go slow and exaggerate the movements, such as opening the hand wide to grab the sponge, so that the actions are clear.

I love that this is so simple to put together (still recovering from holiday), that it involves items that we already have, and that they aren’t “specialty” items that will only be used for one activity.

Another thing I like about this activity: it can become more challenging with different lines. While we began with a straight line, E made it very clear she needed more, so we moved to zigzag lines. Soon, we will introduce shapes, starting with the circle.

I’m working on another post, to share more about writing prep, so keep and eye out for that.

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